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About us

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The Legacy

The Holt Family restaurant legacy began four decades ago in a parking lot with nothing but a barrel, hammer, chisel, and a dream to create something that would live on in the hearts of a community, and eventually, be the foundation for generations of family to come.

Holt Bros BBQ Logo

The beginning

In 1979, Jack Holt started his own BBQ stand in the parking lot of his father-in-law’s business. Young and ambitious, Jack’s little venture was just the beginning, and although Jack sold his bbq start-up, he held fast to his heirlooms. Those family secrets are now the cherished sauces that have made Holt Brothers BBQ a taste extravaganza that keeps a community coming back again and again.

Come sit

at the family table

For Jack along with three of his sons, John, Patrick and Zack, Holt Bros BBQ isn’t just a restaurant, it is a place where people come to sit at the Holt’s family table. The family takes pride in not just greeting, but truly getting to know everyone who walks through the door. And although the concept of Holt Bros BBQ is based on fast, casual food, the preparation of it is anything but fast or casual.

Holt's Family Table
Putting Soul into
Southern BBQ

They put their soul into their soulful Southern BBQ, and take great care to ensure that everything leaving their kitchen does so fresh, hot and homemade. Each menu item is designed and created to instill a different emotion in the guests that come to sit at their table.

Traditional Old
South vinegar BBQ sauce

The traditional old South vinegar BBQ sauce is the foundation of their menu, but the variations just keep coming. There is nothing static about the nature of the food served nor the family members who continue to serve it up.This family-owned and operated business is what defines faith and love in not just the entire Florence area, but the Holt Legacy that continues to grow, with 16 more, and counting.

South Vinegar BBQ Sauce